What’s Your Franchise Brand Story?

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Second, I’m back from the International Franchise Association Convention (Vegas baby!) all in one piece and ready to rock and roll with some great new inspiration and insights from the franchise industry.

On that note, let’s get on to my Exponential Growth Tip for this newsletter.  It is something I’ve always felt strongly about since I was a kid and started cluing into what my dad was doing to grow M&M Meat Shops.  It comes up over and over again in the business world and specifically heard it again at the recent IFA convention.

Ready for it?  Here it is:

Tell your “brand story” to the world!

This falls within the scope of setting up a strong business foundation as I mentioned in my previous quick tip.  If you are serious about expansion, you need to be clear on your brand’s story so that you stand apart from your competition.  People naturally use stories to make sense of the world around them, and this helps us relate to one another and can ultimately influence us to make a buying decision.

Having a brand story also allows you to tap into people’s emotions so that they are more likely to become loyal to your brand, rather than simply performing a transaction.  Be sure to include people in that story.  I know that when I’m researching a business’ website, one of the first things I do is head to the “About” or “Our Story” page to see who is behind the operation.  If I see a friendly face or story about the business’ beginnings, I’m much more likely to choose them and become loyal.

Okay, I promised to keep this short.  But if this ‘got your wheels turning’, I’d love to hear from you.  It is a topic I am passionate about and it is critical to growing your franchise.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, click HERE to read my brand story.