What Do The Successful Companies Do Different?

Howdy Everybody!

Have you ever noticed that the most successful companies out there are the ones whose teammates are 100% clear on what their purpose and core values are?  Some of my favorites include Fast Signs, Nurse Next Door, and Property Guys.

I am bringing this up because a recent highlight for me was co-facilitating an all-day workshop for 20 team members of an amazing and progressive company, Jusu Bar, with my colleague, David Reeve.  The goal of the session was to guide the Jusu Bar team to clarity and alignment on their purpose and core values.

Hearing members brainstorm and take a deep dive into why the business exists was exhilarating and almost magical.  By the end, David and I were hearing things like, “Wow, this feels amazing, we truly needed this” and “I want to wake up every day and think about why we exist”.  And straight from Bruce, the owner and founder of the company, “Today was incredible.  It changed the direction of the company … for the better.”  On a side note, Jusu Bar is definitely a company to watch – an extremely passionate group of people out to change the world!

So, on to the secret inspiration I am sharing for this newsletter:

Knowing your business’s purpose and core values will translate into so many benefits.

… including streamlining your marketing efforts, higher retention of employees and customers, higher financial success, and ultimately true happiness for you, the owner.

What does this have to do with franchise business growth?

Well, as you’ve heard me say before, it is critical to have a solid business foundation.  Knowing your purpose and core values is a key component of the business foundation.

If this ‘gets your wheels turning’, let’s explore how clear you are on the purpose and core values of YOUR business.  David and I will be offering more co-facilitated workshops to help companies of all sizes needing clarity on this very important topic.