Watch Out For Those Voices!

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My 2nd Exponential Growth Tip applies to entrepreneurs who are franchising their business or even just strategizing on how to grow.  Ready for it?  Today’s quick growth tip is:

Watch out for those negative voices – in your head and around you – that take you off track!

I have to admit, I think I learned this one from my dad.  When he opened the very first M&M Meat Shop back in 1980, a lot of people thought he was crazy, laughed at him, or just plain didn’t get it.  With the support of my mom and just a few other family members and friends, he forged ahead with confidence, trusting that busy people would appreciate some good quality prepared food.  M&M Meat Shops would not have grown to over 470 locations across Canada if my dad had let the negative voices derail him.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to success than just believing in what you are doing, but I have personally found it very productive in the past year to tune out the negative thoughts and voices around me.  I’m not saying to completely tune out advice from people around you, but learning to recognize when the advice takes you off track of your business growth goals can be extremely valuable.

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