Our Definition of ‘Growth Advising’

When we started looking at the various terms available to explain what we do, we noticed that ‘Business Coach’ and ‘Franchise Consultant’ are popular. But to be honest, those terms don’t resonate with our role and mission. We use ‘Growth Advising’ because it gets to the root of what we do clearly and quickly: We are in the business of giving awesome advice that helps your company grow. Period.

This means that we focus on uncovering the areas in your business that, if improved, will create transformational growth for your brand. We then work with you at each and every advising session to create REAL action steps that will move you closer to that success and improvement. Plus we provide a wealth of resources, expertise, an expansive network, and trusted systems for each stage of growth.

The AC Methodology

Over Angela Cote’s 25+ years in franchising and entrepreneurship, she developed a specific methodology for improving business profitability, alignment, and success. This method started as the F3 Framework based on her years of experience as a Franchisor, Franchisee, and experience in the Field. But as the AC Inc team has grown, so has our expertise, experience, resources, and methods. The updated and improved ‘AC Methodology’ is a strategy that is customized for each of our clients to ensure impactful action-steps, systems, and advice for your specific stage of growth.

  • Non-Traditional Approach to Growth

    We see too often businesses looking to grow getting put into a ‘franchise factory’ without fully assessing whether a franchise model is truly the right fit for their brand. We take the time to slow you down and really help you understand the costs, pros, and cons of using a franchise system for business growth. Yes – that’s right. We actually talk many people OUT of franchising. We value real, positive, transformational change in our clients and we aren’t afraid to use unconventional strategies to get you there.

  • Working ON Your Business Instead of IN it

    Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the day-to-day of your business? No time left in your week to work on the action-items that will move your company forward? We have been there (for real!) and we know the systems, automations, and team structure that will help you stop working IN your business, and start working ON it.

  • The Fundamentals of Franchising

    The number one driver of franchise company growth is franchisee profitability. Happy, engaged, profitable franchisees are the key to franchise company success. Sadly, many franchisees get left behind while franchisors focus on hitting new franchisee targets. The most successful franchisors attract their ideal franchisees while ALSO having active business coaching programs in place to support current franchisees. We ensure you are focusing on the area that will help you create real growth: franchisee support and engagement, and give you the tools to create those systems.

  • A More Holistic Approach to Success

    We LOVE seeing you succeed, and we believe in celebrating all aspects of company growth – improving leadership, refining systems, expanding your network, increasing profitability, and being aligned with your company core values. These are all examples of ways you can create exponential growth and success. Working with us means valuing mindset, core values, company culture, and healthy leadership practices as well as profitability!

Established Franchisors

The number one driver of franchise company growth is happy and profitable franchisees who are engaged and motivated to take ownership of growing their brands in their local markets. We are passionate about helping you engage and support your franchisees through 1:1 advising, franchisee programs, and group advising opportunities.

1:1 Project Advising

Seeking a strategy to turn your middle performing franchisees into top-performers? Looking for actionable steps for a specific project within your business? Our 1:1 advising for established brands are customized to your stage of growth and where we see the potential for tangible, positive change.

Franchisee Engagement Program

Our customized Franchisee Engagement Program starts by lifting the hood on your franchise. While not for the faint hearted, this comprehensive discovery phase will lead to actionable change. Our focus is improving the zee/zor relationship, increasing franchisee profitability, removing roadblocks, and stimulating franchise growth

Play Bigger

The Play Bigger Performance Groups are intimate cohorts of 4 dedicated to supporting one another and receiving AC Inc advising at an affordable monthly rate. Create a Play Bigger cohort within your departments to allow for collaboration, support, alignment, and monthly advising.

Emerging Franchisors

As an emerging brand your ability to attract franchisees who are a perfect fit for your brand is the biggest predictor for growth. We help you get crystal clear on your systems, mission, and ability to vet your franchisee prospects, as well as create the support structures for your franchisees in a way that will maximize engagement and profitability.

1:1 Growth Advising

Ongoing advising sessions customized for your budget (monthly cost varies from $750-$2500) so you can access action steps, growth strategies, and all of the AC resources.

Franchisee Support Program

In the AC Franchisee Support Program we provide additional support and coaching directly to your Franchisees – and of course, successful franchisees significantly improves your profitability and return on investment.

Play Bigger

The Play Bigger Performance Groups are intimate cohorts of 4 dedicated to supporting one another and receiving AC Inc advising at an affordable monthly rate. Join a Play Bigger cohort with fellow franchisors to gain perspective, proactive problem-solving, and AC advising.

Small Business Owners

You’re a business owner. You have BIG growth goals for your business but you’re not sure how to make them a reality. We get it. Like, we really get it. Our Advisors are all small business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right, passionate about working with companies just like yours.

1:1 Growth Advising

Ongoing advising sessions customized for your budget (monthly cost varies from $750-$2500) so you can access action steps, growth strategies, and all of the AC resources.

Business Foundations Program

Our foundations program gives you all the tools and steps for you to get out of working in your business so that you can work on it, and achieve that exciting growth. 

AC Roundtables

The Small Business and Franchisee Roundtables are weekly virtual discussions with fellow business owners and franchisees. Hosted by past top-performing franchisee Jennifer Brannon.


AC Inc speaking sessions are impactful, energetic, and action-oriented. Book Angela Coté, Franchise Growth Catalyst, or Steven Inglefield, Growth & Systems Specialist for your next team retreat, conference, or keynote. Their acute understanding of profitable franchising, proficiency for business systems, and unique approach makes their virtual and in-person speaking sessions invaluable. Your team will come away with real action steps, expert information, and a positive mindset for growth.

Angela Cote

Angela uses an interactive process to get your franchisees engaged and ready to take the actions needed to grow their business in their local markets. Franchisees leave this session feeling empowered and taking ownership of their business growth, action plan in hand.

Angela helps franchisees get creative with the opportunities in front of them to build brand awareness and ultimately improve conversion. An exciting outcome of this session is the organic marketing resource of actionable ideas that can be shared amongst the franchise body.

Feeling unaligned with your leadership team and/or franchisees? Not sure how to identify who is a fit for your team? If you don’t have clear and truthful core values, this could be the problem. Angela will help your team uncover what the non-negotiable behaviors and values are that drive your brand growth.

In this session, Angela shares the 10 foundational traits of a high performing franchisee, regardless of the industry or brand.  This session can be used to help franchisees own up to what they need to do to be successful in their business.

Ever notice how energetic and positive Angela seems all the time? Learn her secrets for how to maintain a positive and aligned mindset that translates to exponential growth for individuals and businesses.

At the root of every successful franchise is a strong leadership team that demonstrates courage, vulnerability and strength. Angela shares her top 10 ways you can optimize your leadership impact to get the results you deserve.