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How Can I Help You Grow?

Performance Groups


About AC’s Advisory Services

Angela and her team offer one-on-one advising for businesses looking for individualized problem-solving and strategizing. Typically, these business coaching sessions start with a once-a-month consulting call and continue at the frequency that is right for you. Do you need help vetting a franchisee, looking for a vendor, solving a problem, or maybe you just want to chat? Reach out!

Take a look at the three key areas Angela focuses on in her coaching:

  • Finding the right franchisees for your brand

    Angela firmly believes that franchising is a PEOPLE game and not an OPERATIONAL one. So let’s dig in and get things straightened out with your franchisees alignment with your brand.

  • Improving franchisee engagement and profitability

    This is Angela’s jam. Tightening unit economics, improving support systems and communication strategies, and ensuring you have the right infrastructure in place. Angela is committed to making your franchisee engagement and profitability out of this world.

  • Steps to franchising

    Maybe you’ve got one location and you’re just killing it. And now you’ve decided it’s time for you to franchise. Well, odds are, you’re probably not ready. Franchising is no easy task. You need buckets of money, processes nailed down, and a variety of other things. Let the AC team jump in and jump-start your dream business.

Angela Coté

Ready to Play Bigger in Your Business?

Learn more about Angela’s one-of-a-kind Performance Groups


Franchisor Roundtables

You can join weekly free virtual roundtable discussions for FRANCHISORS only with the weekly AC Roundtables. Contact us for your free invite.


Find helpful lessons and tips for franchising, leadership, and all things business on Angela’s podcast, the Franchise Growth Catalyst Podcast.

Ang & Rob Rants

Every week Angela rants with franchisor Robert Bruski of CTRL V – Virtual Reality franchise about franchisor pain points and strategies to eliminate franchise failure.

Download the DNA of a High Performing Franchisee

Download Angela’s free resource, the Franchisee Success Guide with 10 tips and questions to get you a high-performing franchisee.


Angela Coté

Speaking Engagements

Book Angela for in-person or virtual speaking sessions that create transformational, long-term change. Angela’s high energy, interactive, captivating talks clearly showcase her passion and expertise.

Angela uses an interactive process to get your franchisees engaged and ready to take the actions needed to grow their business in their local markets. Franchisees leave this session feeling empowered and taking ownership of their business growth.

Angela helps franchisees get creative with the opportunities in front of them to build brand awareness and ultimately improve conversion. An exciting outcome of this session is the organic marketing resource of actionable ideas that can be shared amongst the franchise body.

Feeling unaligned with your leadership team and/or franchisees? Not sure how to identify who is a fit for your team? If you don’t have clear and truthful core values, this could be the problem. Angela will help your team uncover what the non-negotiable behaviors and values are that drive your brand growth.

In this session, Angela shares the 10 foundational traits of a high performing franchisee, regardless of the industry or brand.  This session can be used to help franchisees own up to what they need to do to be successful in their business.

Ever notice how energetic and positive Angela seems all the time? Learn her secrets for how to maintain a positive and aligned mindset that translates to exponential growth for individuals and businesses.

At the root of every successful franchise is a strong leadership team that demonstrates courage, vulnerability and strength. Angela shares her top 10 ways you can optimize your leadership impact to get the results you deserve.

Who We Work With

We work with franchisors of any stage who are serious about growth and serious about getting it right. Our clients are confident yet understand the value of our expertise. And our clients align with our core values which are foundational to how we operate. Some examples of the traits our best clients exhibit include: passion for their cause and their franchisees’ success, driven, dynamic, and fun. When we work with clients who we are aligned with, the growth potential is exponential.

  • Pre-Franchisors

    We help you ensure franchising is a fit, review your set up, help you avoid the most common expensive early mistakes, and get you on track for finding your first few franchisees in an organic yet effective manner via one-on-one advising sessions and virtual workshops.

  • Emerging Franchisors

    Where we provide the most value is in improving your ability to attract and award to franchisees who are a perfect fit for your brand, and we will ensure you are supporting your franchisees in a way that will maximize engagement and profitability via one-on-one momentum sessions and Angela’s highly successful Play Bigger Performance Groups.

  • Established Franchisors

    Using Angela’s unique superpowers, our team will help you get your franchisees engaged and motivated to take ownership of growing their business in their local markets via group sessions, virtual workshops, one-on-one momentum sessions, and Angela’s Play Bigger Performance Groups.