Helping Franchisors Scale and Support Your Owners for Success

The key to franchise growth? Happy, profitable, engaged franchisees. When you have franchisees who are ambassadors for your business, they will drive system growth and customer satisfaction with your brand – two things you need to thrive as a franchise company!

Our mission is to help franchisors scale and grow your business ethically, strategically, and with the success of your local owners in mind. We provide you the community, resources, expert advice, and accountability to implementing and achieving your biggest goals.

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(AKA – How We Support Your Franchise Growth)

Angela Cote Inc

Strategy Session

Get 3-5 clear action steps you can take right away to achieve your growth goals (and a taste of working with our team) with our Signature Strategy Session.

Franchise Expertise

Field Coach Training

Build your active coaching program to support your franchisees for growth! We build your coaching programs, train your field coaches, and help with buy-in.

Franchise Resources

Growth Advising

Custom, one-on-one growth advising that takes you from confused and stuck to confident and profitable – plus we like to make the process fun!

Franchise Resources


Get your franchisees or home office team fired up and equipped with action steps for growth with our Fire It Up Summits and Keynotes for events and conferences!

What About Ongoing Support?

No sweat! We’ve always got your back with our AC Membership.

Maybe you have a pretty obvious roadblock right now (starting to franchise, establishing your franchisee coaching, etc.) and you’re keen to start working with AC Inc to accomplish this project…. What happens when that project is finished?

The AC Membership is like a flexible monthly subscription. If you need more support for a few months you’ll be on a larger package, and if things change we will adjust your package accordingly – maximizing your budget AND time.

We’ll explain more about the membership in your initial call!

The level of engagement in our work with AC Inc was terrific! Their team focuses on practical, incremental changes that move businesses forward – all done with a positive mindset. The AC team was able to get some of our owners to think about what they wanted to achieve in their business and to identify actionable items that could be implemented. 

The AC team is passionate, caring, experienced, and dedicated to helping the growth of franchise systems. Working with them has allowed us to focus on areas of our business we had been neglecting and get better support systems in place for our owners.

The AC team authentically uses their deep level of expertise and insights to look out for me and help me be as strategic as possible about where I spend my time, energy, and capital for growth.  They have taught me so much about how to organically find franchisee prospects and how to work with them to uncover whether they are going to thrive as a Happy Cat Hotel franchisee.

Our Unique Approach to Franchise Growth

Our team has experience in all areas of franchising – from franchisee to field coach to franchisor and we’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t). We’ve developed a clear, actionable approach to franchise growth, our AC Method.

The AC Method has helped franchise systems from 0-750+ units focus in on their mission, create ethical franchise systems, achieve sustainable growth, and increase brand profitability. 

Answering Your FAQs

You made it halfway down the page – congrats! This means you’re looking deeper into what working with AC Inc really looks like and how it can help you achieve your franchising goals.

Take a look through some of our frequently asked questions and if you still have questions you can book a free initial call with Jordan (just click any of the red buttons on this page) to learn more about our community, the AC roundtables, and what working with us will help you achieve.

The AC Method is what we call our unique approach to franchise growth.

This method includes the set of values that need to be upheld in a franchise for you to succeed, a BIG folder packed full of resources, and a roadmap for what to expect and how to navigate every stage of franchising.

If you’re interested, we will show you the mind map that showcases the AC Method in your initial call so you can see a visual representation!

Whether you work with us through field coach training, growth advising, or by attending the AC Roundtables, working with our team looks like always having franchise experts on your team.

We ensure all AC members have the accountability, resources, action steps, and mindset support for each stage of growth – in times of both challenge and success.

To get started, first, you’ll book a free initial call with Jordan. During your call, we’ll get to know you, your business, and some of your goals and challenges.

The next step is a Strategy Session that will give you 3-5 action steps you can take right away to move you toward your goals.

After your Strategy Session, we will have a review call to go over the steps and assess what kind of support will make the most impact on your franchise.

Starting out with franchising is a big step! Franchising is not the growth model that fits every business and we want you to be excited and equipped for each step in the process.

This means assessing the franchise opportunity, getting your business metrics ready for franchising, having the right legal partners, and finding your first franchisees – we help with all of that and more. Let’s chat and get you set up for franchise success!

The #1 driver of franchise company growth is happy, profitable, engaged franchisees. The way to achieve this? The right support and coaching!

We help more established franchise brands build or improve your coaching structures to ensure your franchisees have the tools and support they need for success.

“Working with AC Inc has sped up my business growth by at least 2 years. Don’t sleep on this community.”

Ricky Hall, Nutrition HQ Franchisor

Join the AC Community

We are here to guide and support you through the crazy world of franchising with the resources, tools, and expert opinion (think of us as your “board of directors” but with a bunch of added bonuses).

Our community is filled with inspiring, humble, driven franchisors with big visions for growth and making a tangible impact in the world. Sound like you? Let’s chat about achieving those big, hairy, audacious goals!