A Franchise Conference… But Add Margaritas

Angela Cote Inc is proud to announce our first Franchise Retreat! Think fun in the sun, peer-to-peer learning, and actionable steps to grow your franchise system. And yes – we may have a few margaritas as well (we get more done when we’re having fun!)

This retreat is an opportunity for franchisors with 0-100 units to join a community, leverage the collective genius of your franchisor peers, and gain actionable steps to help you achieve your growth goals.

You are not alone in your franchise journey, and this retreat will prove it.


4 pm

  • Cocktails and Welcome Drinks

9 am – 1 pm

  • Fire It Up Summit – Hosted by Angela Cote
    Angela Cote will lead her signature session, the Fire It Up Summit to help you find creative ways to find ideal franchisees.


  • Adventure / Activity (Optional)

9 am – 1 pm

  • Session #1 – Leverage your Brand Story – Hosted by Belle White
    Learn how to leverage your brand story on LinkedIn to grow your franchise.
  • Session #2 – Organic Social Media Strategy – Hosted by Jordan Roberts
    Understand how organic social media engagement supports lead generation.
  • Session #3 – Effective Leadership – Hosted by Steven Inglefield
    We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Learn how to develop a company culture that inspires performance.


  • Adventure / Activity (Optional)

9 am – 2 pm

  • Session #1 – The Empowered Franchisor – Hosted by Keith Levenson.
    Keith hosts a fireside chat about how to stand your ground on your Franchise Fees and systems.
  • Session #2 – How to ‘Not Be Shitty” to Your Franchisees – Hosted by Jen Brannon.
    Optimize your franchisee support with these 10 steps to help your franchisees thrive.
  • Session #3 – Turnaround Management – Hosted by Roger Peterson.
    Gain the strategies for how to ‘180’ your low-performing franchisees.
  • Closing session – Hosted by Angela Cote.
    Finish up our sessions strong with a closing session from Franchise Growth Catalyst, Angela Cote.


  • Closing Dinner + Awards!

9 am

  • Straggler’s Breakfast

You Didn’t Get Into Franchising to Go it Alone

No one decides to become a franchisor because they want to do it all alone. A part of the AC Inc mission is to create more opportunities in the franchise space for peer-to-peer learning and feeling a sense of belonging in the industry. That’s a big reason for why we created this retreat.

Spend 5 days with your franchisor peers, the AC team, and some much-needed sunshine. You’ll leave the retreat with a renewed sense of your WHY, franchise peers who have your back, and a list of actionable steps you can implement in your franchise to accomplish your growth goals.