The AC Play Bigger Performance Groups

The Play Bigger Performance Groups are a hybrid between the collaborative AC Roundtables and hiring AC Inc for 1:1 Growth Advising. When we started the weekly AC Roundtables we noticed that – although they are amazing for collaboration and connections – some franchisors and business owners could still benefit from more accountability, peer support, and intentional results.

With this goal in mind, we created the Play Bigger Performance Groups to create smaller, more intimate groups for collaboration and growth advising available at a monthly rate. The pilot group was a roaring success and well… here we are!

How it Works

Each Play Bigger Performance Group is 4 participants in compatible stages of business growth. AC Inc, in partnership with Zorakle Profiles, selects groups based on scientific data-based matching to ensure each cohort is created with a successful collaboration in mind.

These groups are a completely new initiative in the franchising world. The focus on collaboration and accountability partnered with the AC Resources and AC facilitation creates an impactful, unique advising experience.

Just another way we are working to shift the way franchisors and business owners grow and succeed!

Become part of an intimate cohort of 3 other hand-selected high-achieving franchisors who meet bi-weekly to work through challenges, learn from each other, and build community. Apply below or scroll down to find FAQs and what people are saying about the program.

Interested in the Play Bigger Performance Groups?

Available Groups

  • Micro Emerging Franchisor

    Is your franchise unit count really small? Like less than 5? Do you have no franchisees at all and are considering franchising? This is the group for you. Topics discussed will include business model setup, unit-level economics, systems development, and more.

  • Emerging Franchisor

    Is your system size still emerging but no longer really small? Maybe you’ve got 5 to 20 units? You’ve probably got a lot of things already figured out and are wondering how to grow. This group is for you. Topics discussed include franchise development and sales, franchisee profitability, franchisee support, and more.

  • Established Franchisor

    Is your system achieving royalty self-sufficiency? Do you have hundreds of units and are still growing? This group is for you. Topics covered include international expansion, market analysis & competitive pivots, liquidation, and exit strategies.

  • Internal & Custom Cohorts

    Are you think a Play Bigger Group would be helpful for your franchisees? Or perhaps within one of your corporate team departments? We offer customized solutions for creating internal Play Bigger Groups to create collaboration, support, alignment, and monthly advising within your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Play Bigger Performance Groups are $500/month with a 4 month minimum commitment. This monthly cost includes participation in mastermind sessions, accountability groups, as well as access to the insightful and industry-leading coaching provided by Angela Coté.

If you are a franchisor who is looking to level-up your business, or if you keep attending roundtables and webinars but are not getting the actionable steps you need, or if you feel alone at the top with no one to hash out problems with, or if you have thought about a business coach but don’t have the money to invest in that just yet, this program is for you!

Play Bigger was born out of a need for collaboration, accountability, and results that tend to be missing in webinars and free roundtables. Some of the direct results you can expect from joining include: 

– Fast and informed problem-solving in your business thanks to a dedicated group of high-achieving franchisors who provide advice.

– Greater confidence as a business leader due to a new wealth of knowledge and business coaching from Angela Coté.

– More money and resources for the things that really matter. When you can learn from others and share resources, you stop wasting money and can allocate those funds somewhere that makes a real difference.

The intimacy of the groups (max 4 people) is a key benefit because there is more responsibility to participate and trust is built between the members. This trust translates into a camaraderie of franchisors who get to know each other’s unique challenges and ultimately begin to look out for each other in a meaningful way. The Play Bigger Performance Groups also maximize the efficiency and productivity of the sessions, as time isn’t repeatedly spent on getting the context of individual businesses.

It is critical to get outside perspectives that you might not be seeing while your head is down working in/on your business. This is an opportunity to get an outside perspective from peers who experience and solve similar challenges, and from Angela, a franchise industry expert with a proven understanding of how to grow franchise businesses.

This is an opportunity to build lasting relationships with neutral peers who are there to support each other. And the real fun is when you attend franchise conferences and events, as you have your own group of people to share learnings and unwind with. Meeting regularly with franchise peers in the Play Bigger Performance Group will also enable you to gain insight into the latest trends and successes in franchising that you may otherwise miss.

Have you been around Angela before? Have you ever left a meeting or speaking session with Angela not feeling fired up to tackle your challenges and take over the world? Angela offers her insight into how to solve your business’s unique problems while also sharing her experience of being both a franchisor and franchisee. Furthermore, Angela has had exposure to countless franchisors and industries—this includes her extensive network, which you will gain access to! And really, do you need the added responsibility of rallying your franchisor peers regularly, lining up speakers, and facilitating productive group chats?

Speakers and other industry experts will be brought in on an as-needed basis, so it will depend on the needs and requests of the group. Bringing in speakers will be determined collectively by the group and by Angela when the value is assessed to be there. Examples of potential speakers include: franchise marketing experts, franchise accountants, franchise lawyers, and established franchisors.

One of Angela Coté Inc.’s company core values is: “We get more done when we’re having fun.” Having the opportunity to meet for quarterly social time will help foster closer relationships and offer the opportunity to get to know each other better. Once a year Angela brings together the Play Bigger Performance Groups for a larger happy hour. 

What People Are Saying About Play Bigger Performance Groups

Ruth Agbaji

“My Play Bigger Performance Group has elevated my expectations of myself and as a result, elevated the growth of my franchise.  Being exposed to other perspectives and creative solutions has so much value because we all tend to get stuck in our own head sometimes.  What stands out to me is that I always leave with a solution to my most challenging problems – everything from how to motivate a franchisee to do some community marketing to improving my FDD to prevent expensive and frustrating mistakes.  I highly recommend checking our Angela’s Play Bigger Performance Groups if you are a franchisor wanting to grow.”

“Being part of a mastermind-style group forces me to be accountable for getting out of working IN my business so I can work ON my business.  The Play Bigger Performance Groups have helped me figure out more effective ways to find more qualified franchisees and have helped me with where to focus my energy to get the most growth. If you are not in one of the AC Inc Play Bigger Performance Groups, you are missing out.  Having insights from people who are going through the SAME challenges AND from someone with Angela’s level of expertise has been invaluable.”

Jennifer Cutillo

“I joined my Play Bigger Performance Group because I loved the idea of having support from my peers as well as Angela’s ingenious insights.  Being a part of the groups has helped me come up with creative solutions to my most challenging problems, and in addition, the relationships we have established have been beyond valuable. I can reach out to this cohort, which includes Angela, in our private group chat for additional support with problem-solving beyond just the biweekly group session.  The private group chat keeps me moving in the right direction when I feel stuck on anything from how to handle a discouraged franchisee to how to find more franchisees within our budget.  I definitely recommend franchisors of any stage should check out the Play Bigger Performance Groups.”

What’s Included In the $500/Month Investment

  • Sessions

    Bi-weekly 90 minute mastermind style sessions

  • Accountability

    Hang with, and be accountable to, other high-achieving franchisors

  • Perspectives

    Perspectives from peers who experience the same challenges

  • Chat

    Group Chat facilitated by Angela (she will chime in with insights)

  • Relationships

    Build relationships and camaraderie with people who get to know your business and industry

  • Resources

    Shared resources from Angela and other member franchisors

  • Speakers

    Periodic guest speakers relevant to your challenges and interests

  • Happy Hour

    Quarterly happy hour – Yay!

Interested in the Play Bigger Performance Groups? Have some Questions? Excited to Get Started?