NOW is the right time

When is the right time to join the CFA/IFA?

If you are an emerging franchisor or even just considering using the franchise model to grow your business, you are probably starting to think about joining either the Canadian Franchise Association or the International Franchise Association.  If you ask me, joining either the CFA or IFA is a no-brainer for any franchisor, especially at the early stages.

So many franchisors wait until they get a little established to become a member of the CFA/IFA but they are getting it wrong.

I would argue that there is so much value for business owners serious about the possibility of using franchising to expand, and to early franchisors with even just one location.  If you’re anything like me, you believe knowledge is power, baby!

Maximize The Value

The key here is to learn how to maximize the value, by taking advantage of the members-only resources and the opportunity for exposure for your brand to get prospective franchisee leads (and credibility!).  And most importantly, attending the annual conventions to meet and network with other members and leaders in the franchise industry.

One of my clients who has a boutique fitness franchise recently put it into perspective this way.  She said, “I’m immersed in the fitness industry and know the industry well, but in order to grow this business through franchising, I realize I need to get immersed in the franchise industry”.

If you are a Canadian business owner, I would suggest you consider first becoming a member of the CFA, with the intention to explore the IFA.  And for the American business owners and early franchisors, FYI, while our CFA association has a much smaller membership base, this translates into a great opportunity to connect with other members and get noticed by prospective Canadian franchisees.

The Fran Man

To hear more about the benefits of being a member of the IFA, I recommend this podcast hosted and sponsored by my franchise industry friend, Kit Vinson of Fran Man:

The Franchise Manual Podcast – Episode #13 – IFA

And be sure to let me know if you have questions about becoming a member of either association!  Happy to help you weigh the pros and cons for your business.  Here are some links, since you’ll probably want to get the process going.


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