Keith Levenson

Keith Levenson, Franchise Growth Advisor

Keith describes himself as a pretty “damn funny guy” and (most) of the AC team agrees! Beyond his humour, Keith is a Franchise Growth Advisor with AC Inc. Keith works with emerging franchise brands, helps them improve their system, and turns their vision into actionable steps.

Keith brings a unique perspective to the business growth process. Using his experience as a former COO of an emerging franchise brand who developed a franchise system from scratch, he is able to leverage that experience to work with franchisors at all levels to achieve the growth they desire.

Keith’s experience allows him to coach businesses through the difficult transition from operator to franchisor as he has walked down that path himself and can anticipate missteps before they occur.

Favourite Food: Wings!

Favourite Book: Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Favourite Band: REM

Favourite Podcast: The Franchise Growth Catalyst Podcast