Invest in a Coach, Invest in Yourself

Howdy Folks!

If you’ve been reading my Exponential Growth Tips of the Week, you probably know by now that my growth mindset is that you have to invest capital to grow your business.

Over the past few months, my business opportunities have been steadily growing (yay!), and it became clear I needed someone with experience and an outside set of eyes to help me clarify my direction and solidify my strategic plan.

So, as you may have seen on Facebook, I recently kick-started a new coaching relationship with a two-day strategic planning retreat focused on my business.  I now have more clarity, focus, and big plans for the AC brand.  My new team and I came up with the following way to describe what I do:

What I call myself:  Franchise Growth Catalyst (sounds WAY better than a consultant, right?)
What I do:  I help franchisors create exponential growth, twice as fast, with half the effort …
while having fun!

This leads me to my quick tip today, which is about the value of on-going business coaching from an industry expert, who is on the OUTSIDE of your business.  I see so many franchisors who could be creating accelerated growth and increasing profitability by investing in help, saving them money, time and headaches!

So… to make this official, my exponential growth tip of the week is:

You can stumble along trying to grow your business using the trial and error method, making a bunch of costly, headache producing mistakes along the way…

Or, you can

Invest in strategic help to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and get you growing at a much quicker rate.

As a Franchise Growth Catalyst, I can help ensure you have a solid franchise recruitment strategy, rockstar franchisee support systems that will get candidates lining up at your door to become franchisees, and kick-ass metrics that every other franchisor will be jealous of.

If you are serious about growing your business and kicking some serious butt, email me at  Whether myself or others, I strongly encourage you to invest in outside help you create some serious growth.