Do you know the value of attending Franchise Industry Events?

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Howdy folks! Assuming you are a small business owner thinking of franchising your business, or you are already franchising your business and establishing yourself, I’d like to know, how often are you are attending franchise industry

I’m Angela Cote, Franchise Growth Catalyst, and I’m here to give you your exponential growth tip for today!

Did you know that there are franchise industry events almost every month across North America? Sometimes even more than a few in one month! And I’m not just talking about franchise shows. I’m referring to conferences, where there’s
opportunities for education and to network with your peers, network with established franchisors, industry leaders, suppliers, you name it!

So here it is. Get ready for it! Your exponential growth tip for today is…

As a new and emerging franchisor… there is a ton of value in attending franchise industry events.

What I love about attending these conferences is that I always come back refreshed, and on fire, and ready to take my business to the next level. As a franchisor, it’s so important for you to get out of your business to work ON the
business. By going to these franchise industry events, it helps maintain that momentum of growing your business.

I would encourage you to attend three or four franchise industry conferences or events per year, to ensure that you are keeping that momentum going, and growth for your business. At the franchise industry conferences and events, I would encourage you to have 4 goals.

  1. Take a look at who is going to be there, and who you will want to meet with so you can really maximize your networking opportunities. There’s often established franchisors and industry leaders at these conferences who are willing to share and help out the newer
    brands that are trying to figure out the next steps for growth.
  2.  Plan out in advance what education events are going to give you the most value. There are so many amazing different types of sessions at these events, and lots of variety. Make sure you find something that’s relevant to you, that will help you with your growth, at the stage you’re at. You can also factor in who is giving the presentation i.e. maybe it’s someone you would like to meet afterward.
  3. Make a focused effort to learn about the franchise industry suppliers that are in attendance. I always say that it’s so important as a franchisor, to use suppliers, i.e. lawyers, digital marketing, etc., that truly understand franchising. It will help you with your growth when you service providers who understand all the intricacies and nuances of franchising.
  4. Use networking as an opportunity to get exposure for your new brand.

Of course, I would encourage you to go the right events, you don’t want to waste time and money at random franchise events that might not be relevant.

If this gets your wheels turning and you’d like information about the events that I have learned about and found valuable for my clients, reach out to me at Now, my question for you is, are there any events that you love, that you know about, that you could share with me, that I may not know of? Whether that’s in Canada, or the US, or anywhere else? Please share below, whatever you know about events that might be valuable for myself, or for our peers in franchising.

Until next time! GO BE AWESOME!


Angela COTE
“Franchise Growth Catalyst”