Are you working IN the business or ON the business?

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Yo. I’m sitting in my car right now just waiting for my daughter at her horseback riding lesson and realized, hey, I haven’t created an exponential growth tip yet this week. And I promised that I would try to keep up with this so here we are!

I was thinking, okay, what’s been going on lately, and I have to say that one of the things that I find very common and I’m coming across a lot with the different clients that I work with and early franchisors is the classic challenge, how do you GET OUT of the business so you can WORK ON the business?

You’ve probably heard this before. I think all small business owners experience it to some degree, and it’s even harder with franchising because you’ve always spent your time working IN the business and making it a success.   When you start franchising, there’s a lot of pieces on the outside that need to happen to help the business grow. So while you know you want to be working ON the business, you get stuck working IN the business.

It’s such a catch-22 because you feel like if you don’t do what’s needed IN the business, that things are going to fall apart. It’s a challenge, but there are ways to deal with this.  It starts with things like SETTING UP SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES, so that people know exactly what to expect, whether that’s your front line people or your manager.   The goal is to get everybody clear and on the same page!  And recognize the leaders in your business who can step forward and maybe take on certain roles.  People love to be empowered.

So…. here it is! Today’s rockstar exponential growth tip is:

In order to be able to work ON the business instead of IN the business, LOOK FOR THE LEADERS

And often you don’t even have to end up paying them more because they’re happier they’re doing more.

(Sidebar: eek did I say that!!  I should probably script and edit these videos!  What I meant is that learning to empower your employees – keeping them engaged – is far more likely to produce the results you are looking for than just simply paying them more. Paying your staff more won’t guarantee they won’t leave, keeping them engaged and empowered will. But you need the proper processes to help them.)

This is the kind of thing I love to help people with!

If this gets your wheels turning I’d love to discuss and hear more, or even just have your story shared back with me – either by email at  Or if you’re looking at this on Facebook or my website, I would love to hear your feedback on if you’ve experienced this or if you’re challenged by this and we can explore it a little more.

All right. Well, for now, that’s it for today. I hope you are having an amazing kickstart to your summer…..go BE AWESOME.

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