Are You Struggling With Trying to Find Qualified Franchise Candidates?

Are you thinking that it looks like I have a secret? Well, that’s because I do. Are you an emerging franchisor and feeling stuck when it comes to franchise recruitment? Well, I have a solution; and it’s probably not what you think it is!

So many franchisors, especially early franchisors, say that they have a hard time finding the right candidate and franchisee that is a fit for their team. Well, do you want to know one of the reasons that that is? It’s because they’re not clear on exactly who they’re trying to attract. It is super, super important to be uber clear on the profile or the DNA of the franchisee you are trying to attract to bring onto your team.

Most people will be able to say something like “We’re typically looking females in the XX-XX age range.”  But you need to go deeper. You need to know more about them. And that might include things like where do they do their clothes shopping? What type of activities do they like? What kind of car do they drive? Do they have pets? What kind of pet do they have? And if you’re wondering, “How do you even figure that out,” well, it comes down to really having clarity on what you stand for as a brand and really having a strong brand foundation, which I also have a solution to as well.

Increase the number of qualified prospective franchisees, GET UBER CLEAR ON WHO EXACTLY YOU ARE TRYING TO ATTRACT.

If you’re interested in that solution and want to improve your franchise recruitment process, I have a franchise recruitment tool available upon request! Just email and she will send it out to you within 24hrs! The recruitment tool will specifically help uncover what you’re doing in your recruitment process and there are probably some things that are great, maybe there’s some areas for improvement so that you can attract the quality franchisees that are a fit for your team that you’ve always been looking for.

So that is my exponential growth tip for today and in the meantime go be awesome.