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 My exponential growth tip today has to do with branding. We all know the importance of being clear on what sets us apart as a brand, but I think so many franchisors are missing it when it comes to what sets them apart as a franchise. What’s going to make a prospective franchisee want to get in with them and become a franchisee of their business?

So many of the ads I see in the franchise magazines say things like “Proven system” or “Turnkey Setup” or “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself” and while these things are all great when I hear that I just hear “Blah blah blah blah blah” because it seems like all the franchise companies say the same thing. We need to say something different, something that’s going to catch people’s attention!

I’ll give you a couple of examples of Canadian franchisors that I think are doing a great job with this:

The first one is Nurse Next Door. When you go to their franchise website, it’s pretty obvious that they do everything with HEART –  everything with heart and from the heart. If you want to be part of a heart-based company and that aligns with your values, then you’re going to know right away when you go to their franchise website and that’s going to jump out at you and catch your attention.

Another example is Property Guys, another great Canadian company that I love. They’re growing like crazy. When I go to their website, the first thing I see is that they’re changing the way real estate is being done. As a prospective franchisee who is interested in real estate, I would probably be thinking that’s pretty cool and I should check them out.

A third example is Spray-Net.  With Spray-Net, it’s also quite obvious when you go to their website that they are being innovative.  So as a prospective franchisee, if an innovative company that’s growing gets you excited, you’d probably check them out!

So just to be clear, the exponential growth tip for today is, as a franchisor, it’s extremely important to be clear on what sets you apart.

It is extremely important to be clear on what sets you apart as a franchisor.

What is going to make your prospective franchisee interested in your business? And also, you want them to align with what that is, so it’s good to be very clear on that in your brand messaging.

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