Who is Angela Coté?

Angela Coté

Angela Coté is an international Franchise Growth Catalyst whose leadership is changing the landscape of franchising. Using insights from her franchisor background, franchisee experience, and field knowledge, Angela creates transformational growth for franchise companies at all stages.

Why Angela?

  • Angela’s experience in franchising is 25 years in the making. Starting out at just 18 years old in the successful Canadian brand M&M Food Market, her unique background gives her a wealth of experiential wisdom to share with her clients.
  • Angela Coté Inc. is the only place to find the Proprietary F3 Framework that was born out of Angela’s unique experience as a franchisor, franchisee, and extensive field knowledge.
  • Angela is focused on actionable steps and measurable results. No clichés or empty promises. She has a passion for creating REAL growth and positive change in her clients’ businesses.

Angela is known for creating and facilitating collaborative environments, like her Play Bigger Performance Groups, which leave participants with clear, actionable steps and the motivation to do what they need for growth. Her bold, yet authentic, approach inspires the people around her to play bigger and achieve greatness.  

Angela and her team are open to working with any franchisor who is serious about growth and truly ready to play bigger through one-on-one advising, Play Bigger Performance Groups, interactive speaking engagements, and private Play Bigger Retreats.

Back in the Day

Angela grew up with M&M Food Market, the iconic Canadian brand which she helped grow to almost 500 franchised locations. She has done everything from dressing up as “Kelly Kabob” as a child to helping train franchisees to get their businesses up and running across the country. As the boss’s daughter in the field, Angela learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to getting franchisees engaged with motivated to grow their business.

After many years on the franchisor side of the franchise relationship, Angela successfully brought the M&M Food Market brand to Vancouver Island, opening the first 3 franchises in less than 1.5 years and building them into a combined asset valued at more than $1.5 million.  Her stores surpassed original projections by 70% in the first year and exceeded corporate-wide revenue projections thereafter for 14 consecutive years.

In 2016, Angela launched her business as a Franchise Growth Catalyst and began working with early staged franchisors who needed help with where to focus their time, energy, and money for streamlined growth.

Core Values


    In order to achieve our goals we know we need to stop thinking about them and take action! We don’t let ourselves overthink our actions because we believe doing SOMETHING is better than NOTHING and by DOING we will get clarity.


    Think Big, Act Big! You are what you believe you are. Nothing more. Nothing less.


    Leadership is about influence, and influence is all about unapologetically living your passion and letting others be inspired by you living your truth. When you show up as your truest, most awesome self, you attract the right kind of people into your personal and professional life. So strut your superpowers and don’t hold back!


    The best way to make a real difference in someone’s life and/or business is to genuinely care about them. Listen to them. Understand their vision. On this team we really care about our mission and the people we serve.


    To get through roadblocks and rough patches we simply put our can-do attitude into high gear and say: “We’ve got this!”


    Lighten up! Laugh! Live in the moment! Around here, getting a little silly sometimes is a non-negotiable that we cherish because it results in higher productivity.

Angela’s Rockstar Toolkit

  • F3 Framework

    Angela’s legendary F3 framework is the foundation of successful franchising. It encompasses every nook and cranny of franchising and was put together based on Angela’s experience on both the franchisor and franchisee side of the franchise relationship, as well as her time spent in the field supporting franchisees. It is used to guide early franchisors through the steps and established franchisors to help them soar past the competition.

  • Network

    Have you met Angela? Have you noticed that she seems to know everyone? Angela has one of the widest networks in the franchising industry. Her clients benefit from referrals and introductions to professional services, such as franchise lawyers, franchise digital marketing services, recruitment professionals, franchise operations manuals specialists, and more.

  • Team

    Angela Coté Inc. has an incredible team with a united vision for transforming the franchise industry. The team is passionate about business and available to offer support, guidance, and expertise to all clientele.

  • Attitude

    Angela has an unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to creating very real growth in her clients’ businesses. Her energy is infectious and leaves you feeling unstoppable. 

What People are Saying About Working with Angela

“Angela stressed the importance of getting out of my business so I can work ON my business. The saying that resonated the most with me was when she said ‘Once you sell a Franchise you are no longer in the business of running a wax bar. You are in the business of selling and supporting wax bars.’ Changing my way of thinking helped me understand the importance of getting out of my shops so I can focus on all three locations as a whole company instead of just the one that I worked in taking clients. Angela is AMAZING!!! I recommend her all the time to anyone who wants to grow their business!”

“Working with Angela as an advising client and [as a participant] in her Play Bigger Performance Groups have changed my life as an early franchisor. Angela is able to see the areas I need to focus on for growth, and she provides simple and clear actionable steps towards my goals. One of the areas Angela has helped me with the most is helping me figure out who is the right franchisee for my brand and how to have conversations with prospects so that we uncover faster whether they are going to be a fit. She has also helped me implement more effective support and coaching for franchisees, resulting in higher engagement and profitability. One of the most exciting things about working with Angela is being able to tap into her expansive network of influential franchisors, media connections, franchise experts, and franchise service providers. I wish I had started working with Angela sooner! If you are a new franchisor, you NEED to work with Angela.”

“Angela and I first met when she facilitated an interactive session at one of my annual franchise company conferences a few years ago. Prior to the conference, one of the things that stood out the most was when she suggested that, in order to improve franchisee trust, we get franchisees more involved in our idea brainstorming process. By facilitating this process at our convention, we were able to create buy-in for some upcoming initiatives we were presenting. The session Angela facilitated at our conference combined some insights from her experience of being in franchising her whole life with her ability to energize the group to participate.”

“I have co-presented with Angela on a few different expert panels at Canadian Franchise Association Conferences, speaking on the topic of franchisee compliance and how to use a carrot vs. a stick approach. Her expertise and understanding of how to strategically set expectations early on with franchisees and how to support them to optimize their profitability always provides a ton of value. What stands out is that even though we are an established franchise company, I still pick up great bits of advice anytime I am around Angela. She is a great resource for how to use effective leadership techniques, such as creating franchisee buy-in on engaging in their communities, which is one of many franchisors’ biggest challenges stunting them from further growth.

Angela is also a rockstar at facilitating interactive group sessions. I had the opportunity to observe and participate in a Growth Hack Boot Camp session she facilitated for emerging franchisors, and it was fascinating to see her ability to balance teaching about franchise best practices with fostering engagement and interactivity from the group. Her energy level is intoxicating and the entire group left excited and eager to transition what they learned in the classroom into businesses.”

“The shift from being a CEO ‘wearing all of the hats’ to building a productive corporate team to support our growth has made the biggest impact on our business from working with Angela. Her drive for knowledge has exceeded our expectation, her ability to make connections within the franchise industry and seek out industry experts has been beneficial to the growth of Barre Fitness. I would recommend Angela to any new business considering franchising.”

“Angela and I have shared our insights together on a number of panels on franchisee compliance. Franchisors come to these sessions hoping to figure out how they can improve franchisee compliance so that everyone thrives. Angela is always sharing effective techniques to use with franchisees to foster a culture of compliance, whether during expectations setting in your franchise recruitment process or in your ongoing support. Rather than theories or abstract thoughts, Angela gives practical steps for what you need to do. I definitely recommend a conversation with Angela if you are having challenges with franchisee engagement and compliance.”

“I met Angela a few years ago when she first made the decision to use her depth of experience in franchising to help franchisors with growth. I confidently recommend Angela to my franchisor clients because she uses her depth of experience combined with her refreshing and modern approach to authentically guide them to figure out the best way to grow. Whenever Angela and I have conversations about the needs of emerging franchisors, we find ourselves very aligned on how we support our clients. What I especially love about Angela is her energy and passion for people and for ensuring she really understands their needs. I recommend having a conversation with Angela if you are a franchisor looking for help with growth.”