The Start of AC Inc

Angela Coté (AC) Inc. emerged after Angela Coté spent more than 25 years in the franchise industry and saw the potential to reinvent the world of franchising. Angela watched for years as franchisors received vague, confusing advice and she knew she could disrupt this coaching industry with a fresh, progressive, unconventional approach. 

Angela was raised in a very entrepreneurial family and grew up working odd jobs at the iconic Canadian franchise company, M&M Food Markets (formerly M&M Meat Shops). As the 20-year-old daughter of the founder, Angela had big shoes to fill and received many eye rolls in her first few years in franchise field support. But the lessons Angela learned in those years were essential to the work AC Inc does with clients today.

Angela spent many years in the franchisor and field support side of the franchise relationship, and even eventually became a multi-unit franchisee, building her first three franchises into a combined asset valued at more than $1.5 million. 

As Angela became a mother and wife and took a step back from her franchise locations, she still felt a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution to the franchise world. After so many years in the industry, Angela suspected there must be a space for a business that could support franchisors as they navigate this unique journey. 

After being on three different sides of the franchise relationships (franchisor, franchisee, and field support) Angela knew she had the expertise and empathy to provide real, actionable advice that would actually help franchise systems grow.

From this vision, AC Inc was born. Angela’s strong vision for disrupting the franchise industry with actionable, simple, and effective advice from people who really ‘get’ it has created a motivated and inspired company and team, intent on helping you achieve your growth goals.

Meet the AC Team

Meet the team behind the AC brand – from our CEO and founder to our advisors to our administration team. Click each photo below to learn more about the members of the AC team. From past work experience, their best advice for franchising, and how they came to work with AC Inc.

The first, and only franchise-related organization that I have met that didn’t feel like predators awaiting prey. These folks are making the franchise world a brighter place.

As a result of our project with AC Inc, we are introducing improved communications systems and re-establishing a peer mentorship program with recommended adjustments that will improve outcomes for everyone.

You know the phrase, “I don’t know what I don’t know?” Well…we found the people that do! We are SO thankful to the AC team – they are the best in franchising!

The AC Inc Core Values

  • Action = Growth

    In order to achieve our goals we know we need to stop thinking about them and take action! We don’t let ourselves overthink our actions because we believe doing SOMETHING is better than NOTHING and by DOING we will get clarity.

  • Mindset is Everything

    Think Big, Act Big! You are what you believe you are. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • Go Be Awesome!

    Leadership is about influence, and influence is all about unapologetically living your passion and letting others be inspired by you living your truth. When you show up as your truest, most awesome self, you attract the right kind of people into your personal and professional life. So strut your superpowers and don’t hold back!

  • Give a Sh*t

    The best way to make a real difference in someone’s life and/or business is to genuinely care about them. Listen to them. Understand their vision. On this team, we really care about our mission and the people we serve.

  • Everything is Figureoutable

    To get through roadblocks and rough patches we simply put our can-do attitude into high gear and say: “We’ve got this!”

  • We Get More Done When We’re Having Fun

    Lighten up! Laugh! Live in the moment! Around here, getting a little silly sometimes is a non-negotiable that we cherish because it results in higher productivity.