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Discover the 10 must-have success traits that every High Performing Franchisee possesses!

Franchisors commonly ask “How do I properly assess my franchisee prospects?” and  “What makes someone a high-performing franchisee?” Over the years I have discovered that there are 10 DNA traits that every successful franchisee has. Do you want to know these traits so you can find more qualified franchisees who will naturally be higher performers?

Who is Angela Coté & What Does She Do?

The Home of The Legendary F3 Framework

Angela Coté Inc. is the only place you can find the Proprietary F3 Framework. This completely one-of-a-kind framework was born out of Angela’s unique experience in business as a successful franchisor and franchisee, who has extensive field experience. From more than 25 years of experience, Angela created the ultimate guide for exponential growth that is now available to her clients.

  • Franchisor Experience

    Being a successful franchisor takes a unique type of person. Franchisors are innovative and progressive, but also responsible and accountable. These qualities are difficult to balance while running a business but necessary to thrive. Who better to help you create a successful strategy for exponential growth than someone who has been a franchisor before and knows exactly how you feel?

  • Franchisee Perspective

    Franchisees come with all kinds of personalities and from all different backgrounds. We get it. But the overarching problem we see is that franchisees need to spend more time working ON their business and less time IN their business. Angela has been a franchisee and she knows the only way to make that happen is with the RIGHT support from the franchisor. So, she created the F3 Framework to teach franchisors how to help their ‘zees and make them more profitable.

  • Field Knowledge

    Angela has seen the franchising industry from all sides. As a field support person, she worked alongside franchisors and franchisees to implement strategies for success. Now, as a Franchise Growth Catalyst, Angela uses her first-hand experiences and her extensive industry network to support clients in implementing the F3 Framework in their businesses.

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100 Influential Women In Franchising - Angela Cote
International Franchise Association - Angela Coté
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